As a synth-pop obsessed 9 year old I started learning keyboard and guitar, and as a teen I spent countless hours in my bedroom lost in the soundscapes I created. I soon realized that I have a natural affinity for creating sound and music for pictures. At the age of 19 I jumped straight into the high-pressure world of composing music for television commercials. After almost two decades I’m still excited and inspired by visuals to create both music and sound design that captivates the viewer, immersing them in new worlds, regardless of visual medium.

Throughout my career I have always displayed a stylistic versatility and professionalism that has ensured the success of my projects. Technically I am well versed in all major DAW’s, most specifically Pro Tools and Logic Pro. For mixing and creating effects I employ a wide range of plug-ins and third-party software, in particular Waves, Izotope, Native Instruments, Sound Toys, and Sonnox, amongst others. Despite my wealth of experience, I endeavor to learn every time I sit down to work, and seldom fail to achieve this goal.

• Pro Tools – 17 years
• Logic Pro – 8 years

• Wwise

• Music composition –18 years

• Sound Design – 16 years

• Foley – 18 years

• Production – 18 years

• Excellent communication skills

• Proven ability to perform and deliver under the pressure

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